Once a criminal, now a renowned hero/adventurer traveling with his group of comrades--righting the wrongs of the land.


Primary Weapon: Great Bow
Secondary Weapon: Bo Staff
Carries: 1 horse leg, 1 firework, 1 demon in a bottle, 1 bucket o water,and 2 moltav cocktails


Once a thief in his old home, Torana, none knew his true name, save his parents, whom he killed. He was a well-known, feared thief with impeccable aim and stealth; he was like a ghost. But one night he set his course for the king himself—Lord Dunwall. With the failed invasion of his homeland, he was caught, arrested, and thrown in prison. He was set to be executed in 4 months, but the day before his execution, the adventuring guild of Twinleaf Town made him a deal: join three other newcomers to the guild and help them along their way, or they’d leave him to be executed. Naturally, he chose the prior option. He now hides his face due to the risk that anyone will reconize him and throw him back in jail. Since then (still a thief) he goes around solving problems and righting wrongs with his comrades.

Note: Always carrys a top hat, cane, and tuxedo for a change of clothes.


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