Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is a dimension that overlaps with mortal earth. It has 4 layers, Twilight, Darkness, Despair, and Nightmare.

The Shadow Realm’s three spacial dimensions are a, b, and c, as opposed to Mortal Earth, which has x, y, and z. This difference means that any travelers or non-natives to the Shadow Realm can easily be picked out by a trained eye. Some creatures, such as those from the planes of elemental fire and para-elemental smoke, can pass through more easily, as they have the same a, b, and c coordinates.

Another side effect of having different spacial dimensions is that a traveler’s body has to adjust to the new coordinates. This can cause any range of effects, but for travel between Mortal Earth and the Shadow Realm, most often it causes fainting.

Almost everything in the Shadow Realm is grayscale. The few things that have color are supernatural non-natives. Known sources of color:
Swamp Thing
Insanity Aura Circle

Shadow Realm

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